Tough times?  Bluewater Solutions can help.
The New American Economy

We have entered uncharted economic waters.  Many Americans won't have to get dressed for work every day
because they won't be going to an office or factory, they will be working from home.  Most Americans won't be
a part of a large organization, but will be working as part of a start up or as the sole proprietor of their own
small business or consulting firm.  No corporate ladder, but no corporate politics; no group benefits, but
loads of opportunity.  

But with opportunity comes risk, both old risks and new risks, and insurance is the grease that lubricates
risk.  We understand, which is why we can help.

There are no small accounts to us
It's your business, it's your life; that's a big deal

Bluewater Solutions is built around some simple, old fashioned philosophies: the Golden Rule, doing the
right thing for the right reason, doing what needs to be done to help our customers and doing it right every
time.  It's that simple.  As an
Independent Insurance Agency we will worry about your insurance while you
focus on building and maintaining your business.  We will be your insurance gatekeeper, the only point of
contact you will need to manage ALL of your insurance issues.  One phone call, concierge service.
Thomas P. Cox & Associates
Bluewater Solutions, LLC
Thomas P. Cox, ARM

Concierge Risk and Insurance Solutions, and the Bluewater Difference:
5% of every dollar we earn is donated to the charity of your choice.
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